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Sail through due diligence processes with Vessel Compliance Certificates

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⌾ Provide detailed documentation on vessel behavior and activities.

⌾ Document vessel ownership and management.

⌾ Demonstrate that your vessel isn’t exposed to sanctions regulations and violations.



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Company, cargo, and activity reports built for your business needs

⌾ Entity credit risk reports

⌾ Vessel activity reports

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Stay ahead of the game and secure more business

Everyday, leading trade, energy, and financial service companies across the globe are using technology and AI to clear maritime trade and charters. Hundreds of due diligence checks are run by these companies daily, and vessels that don’t pass checks can lose millions of dollars in potential business.

Be ready for any vessel compliance checks that your customers will need with Windward’s Risk Alerts, Certificates, and Reports.

Risk Alerts

Windward Risk Alerts help you keep your fleet ready to go and compliant. You’ll be notified the instant a vessel becomes risky so that you can take action before a compliance risk ends up costing you business.

Compliance Certificates

Windward Vessel Compliance Certificates streamline your business by providing definitive clearance recommendations. Helping you secure business faster through clear documentation of vessel behavior and ownership and management structure.

Risk Reports

Windward Risk Reports help you evaluate your company, cargo and fleet’s vessel activity risk. Giving you a breakdown of what risky behaviors and indicators your company is exhibiting so you can address risks before the impact business.

Risk Reports

Frequently asked questions

Why should I be looking at my fleet’s compliance?

A growing majority of your potential customers are adopting extensive sanctions compliance programs, such as OFAC and OFSI. Our aim is to help you sail through compliance checks by proactively addressing potential concerns before charter negotiations begin.

Why is my customer telling me a vessel is flagged risky?

Energy companies, commodity traders, and financial institutions look at a wide range of maritime risk indicators when evaluating trades, including looking at a vessel’s behavioral history. Therefore, it is important to them to ensure that not only is the company in good standing but that vessels’ activities are compliant.

What is provided in a Compliance Certificate?

A Windward Compliance Certificate evaluates a vessels exposure to sanctions compliance risk over a six month lookback period. The certificate provides a clearance recommendation based on the vessel’s behavioral activities, ownership and management.

How long does it take to get a Windward Compliance Certificate?

Windward Compliance Certificates are issued by the end of the next business day and delivered to the email address you provided upon purchase.

How long are Windward Compliance Certificates valid for?

Windward Compliance Certificates detail a vessel clearance recommendation and documentation at the time of issue. Acceptance is based on your end customers internal policies of certification acceptance.

Can anyone subscribe to Windward Risk Alerts and Reports?

Windward Alerts and Reports are available for shipowners and managers and are for their internal use to help them improve their fleet and vessels’ compliance ratings.

How do I submit feedback on a vessel’s risk evaluation?

We welcome all shipowners and managers to submit additional vessel and voyage information at any time through our dedicated Vessel Feedback Form.